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Effective Counseling Services

Feeling stuck or unable to move past your past? I use a variety of counseling techniques to help people move forward from trauma, addiction, and past hurt that effect their present life.

Psychologist Session
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Individual Adult Therapy

I provide therapy for adults ages 18-65. I particularly enjoy providing support to young adults as they step into the first parts of building their own lives for the first time.

Individual Adolescent Therapy

As a previous school counselor, I learned that I really enjoy working with teenagers, and they typically enjoy working with me too. Adolescence is an incredible, and painful, time in everyone's life. I love having the honor of walking alongside teenagers as they determine who they are and who they want to be.


Is there some scary or shaming stuff that you wish you could ignore or move on from? EMDR is one of the most effective therapies for trauma, and will help promote healing so that you can move forward with freedom and peace from your past.

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